Posted by: m1paf | November 6, 2009


I have all of the major components I need to finish the tuner project. The roller inductors from Palstar arrived yesterday as did the high current relays that I’m going to use to switch between high / low impedance matching and high / low capacitance ranges. The plan is to assemble the RF deck and prove it operates manually before attaching the stepper motors. Tasks that remain are to sort out the end travel limit switches for the capacitor and inductors and to assemble a relay driver circuit for the PIC micro-controller so that it can switch the relays.

Picture to follow of all the goodies!

73 Paul



  1. Hi Paul,
    Great to see that progress is being made. I need to decide what motors I will use to drive the roller inductors. I have some brass mitre gears and some stainless 1/4 inch shafting which is a neat fit, and have drilled and tapped the bosses of the gears. Also found some Meccano bits and pieces from my childhood, so made a quarter inch to 4.1 mm diameter adapter, fitted a Meccano shaft and wheel, and will use my spring fish scales to measure the torque required to overcome friction and “sticktion” and hopefully use the measurement with a bit of a margin to size the motor.
    Lots of fun


  2. congrats paul
    good work

    I wish I could make one
    You can send a copy of the circuit????
    I am very grateful

    this is may email:

  3. great site keep up the good work! I have bookmarked your site and will come back soon 73 de matt m6ceb

  4. I am seeking some good plans / advice on a remote balanced tuner and would like to discuss your progress.

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