Posted by: m1paf | February 7, 2009

Front panel takes shape

This weekend I’m working on the metalwork for the front panel. In the pictures below you can see the bare front panel with the holes drilled and the cutout for the LCD display, and another pic with the buttons fitted. I’ve test fitted the LCD display and everything lines up but I’m not quite happy with my handiwork for the LCD cutout – it needs a little more filing. Incidentally, in case you missed this from previous posts the enclosure is an EC2 from Elecraft and it’s pre-painted a dark grey colour – the pictures don’t accurately represent the colour.

I considered buying a hobby milling machine to make the LCD cutout as it would have many more uses, but in the end I decided that it was a luxury I can do without for a while.



I’ve also realised that the encoders that I have will need replacing as the shaft is only 1/8″ diameter and I can’t get large enough knobs to fit that size of shaft. No problem as they will get used on another project.

73 Paul.


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